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Massage techniques are used to remove stress and tension and improve the health of the body’s soft tissues such as muscles, ligaments and tendons.  Massage can be useful for treatment and rehabilitation of:

·       Muscular aches & pains·      Muscle or tendon strains·       Ligament sprains
·       Sports injury·      Overuse injury·       Muscular imbalances

The Osteopath uses their knowledge of anatomy together with details from your case history to understand the individual demands placed on your body, and tailor a therapeutic treatment plan accordingly.  This combines manual therapeutic techniques to massage and stretch targeted soft tissues, removing tension, improving circulation and muscle tone, assisting lymphatic flow and reducing inflammation.  This helps to improve function and reduce stress within the body,
reducing the likelihood for further injury.

Massage is suitable for a broad range of people, helping to maintain everyday physical demands, whether they be in the gym, as a desk worker, in gardening or in pregnancy.

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